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Unique Surroundings

The residence is bordering a very unique area known as Ta' Cenc. The beautiful coastal cliffed area at Ta' Cenc in Gozo is one of the few remaining tracts of open countryside left in the Maltese Islands. It is an area of outstanding scenic beauty and it also is a vital habitat for dwindling communities of rare plants & animals contributing to the spectacular living habitat of the island.

Ta' Cenc is also an archaeological area since on the northern lip of ridge, overlooking Xewkija, three tombs assumed to be of the early Bronnze Age Tarxien Cemetry phase can be found.

Lying low by Ta' Cenc, one could admire the atural beauty of Hanzira valley, a natural gorge separating Sannat from the village of Xewkija. The valley, due to its steep rocky lines, has little signs of human interference and leads down to Mgarr ix-Xini Bay to the south of Gozo. The pebbly beach of this bay is very popular with divers due to its particular accessibility. In fact Mgarr ix-Xini is one of Gozo's best places for diving and the wreck of the once Malta-Gozo ferrybout Xlendi rests on the seabed, a few hundred metres away from the bay's outer stretches.

Ta' Cenc Tombs

On the northern lip of Ta’ Cenc, looking across towards Xewkija, three tombs assumed to be of the Early Bronze Age Tarxien Cemetery phase can be found, if carefully sought. » more

Cart Ruts

Gozo has four good sets of the mysterious cart-ruts, and a few minor ones. There are a number of groups of cart ruts above the cliffs on the Ta’ Cenc plateau. » more


Sannat or more precisely Ta' Sannat, lies to the south of the island of Gozo. The name is probably derived from that of an Arabic-Greek family that moved to Gozo from Sicily. » more

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